Retract Massive New Years Update!

Happy New Year,

Our massive New Year's update is now released containing seemingly millions of different changes including bug fixes, UI improvements and gameplay addition. So what has been added and improved? Well see below and all of the patch notes are at the bottom of the page.


We have created a short trailer for Retract, please leave a comment below or on our discord what you think and if you have any ideas for how we can make it better!

Faster Time Changing

This has been one of the most requested features and we have added it! You can now speed up changing time, simply open the options menu, go to the other section and adjust the speed slider as seen below! We hope this will significantly increase your enjoyment of the game so you aren't spending a lot of your time standing and waiting!

In Game UI

We have designed a brand new inventory system which hopefully both looks nicer and is more functional! Alongside this we also have a brand new timeline with icons, the arrow shows the current time period the level is in and the circle shows which time period you are changing towards, this is a helpful way to represent how many time  period changes you have queued up. There is also a brand new notifications UI design which uses less space, draws more attention through animation and looks alot cleaner, notifications in game will now wait if you have any menus open which hinder them been seen, as always hints can be disabled in the options menu.

Level Select Menu

We posted a survey on our discord and twitter to see what type of new level select menu you wanted, option 4 received the most votes and with some other feedback we have now implemented a brand new level select menu. When more levels are added there will be arrows on the side to move between them.

Tutorial Update

As this update contains a large amount of changes to levels and visuals we feel that it would be best if we update our video tutorials online incase people get stuck, as such we did exactly that so you should be able to find up to date tutorials here!

Update Checking 

Behind the scenes a lot of backend work has gone into this so that now when we release future updates you will get a notification when you run the game! We have spent time on this as we feel that it is sometimes difficult to realise that your games have updates when they are DRM Free as such we hope you will enjoy this notifier!

Linux Build & Facebook

We have now uploaded a build for linux although this hasn't been tested we have had some requests for a build like this. Also we now have a facebook page for Retract so if you could head on over and show your support that would be heavily appreciated!

Visit Our Page

Or download below for Windows, Mac & Linux


If you find any bugs feel free to jump on our discord and tell us here

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Patch Notes

A larger list of patches can be seen below!

  • ability to press enter on level select menu
  • add arrow for level selection
  • add notification to tell player what to do on some levels
  • add notifications for most levels to help player when planting seeds
  • add option to retry level
  • add tutorials and bug reports button to in game escape menu
  • camera sometimes goes to far down on level select
  • can get on top of level 6
  • change time speed not loading properly requires update in options menu
  • changing audio in options menu waits until new track to update
  • crawl key
  • crosshair doesn't disappear on level finished screen
  • email subscribe sometimes appears in level select menu
  • fix falling blocks
  • fix grass sometimes partially appearing on dirt at the start of a level
  • fix issue with time period not setting to 1 when changing level
  • fix jump 'feeling'
  • fix level 10 falling blocks = shouldn't fall
  • fix level 7 description that rob buggered up
  • fix level select been broken in built version first time loading
  • Fix main menu not properly appearing when exiting level
  • fix mouse sensitivity settings default
  • fix right click to remove plant not disappearing
  • flowers have shadows level 9
  • game doesn't load properly without playerprefs on first try
  • in game when options menu open pressing escape doesn't close options menu
  • in tutorial level when you die after getting time turner it respawns but you can still change time
  • inventory doesn't appear unless you scroll
  • issue when loading second level on same runtime instance with cursor? requiring escape to work
  • issue with tree having awkward rotation
  • level 10 flowers on every grass block
  • level 5 has issue when bouncing on mushroom the world border isn't high enough
  • Level 8 at start needs block not to respawn
  • level 8 fertile block falls
  • level 8 middle stone model
  • level 8 start fertile block makes tree fall wrong way
  • level 8 start needs blocks lifted higher
  • level 9 fertile block falls
  • level 9 passageways need to not respawn
  • level 9 remove useless fertile land next to hedge
  • level 9 tree goes wrong direction
  • level select menu wasn't hidden on some resolutions
  • level 9 blocks don't fall
  • main menu sometimes gets stuck on time period 4
  • make changing keybind have popup appear telling the user to press a key
  • make email adding only be on main menu and disappear when email was added
  • make email, twitter & discord panels disappear when not on main menu
  • make fallen blocks colliders disable
  • make falling blocks re appear when player respawns
  • make improved ui in game
  • make level select menu visuals update when level  without requiring restart
  • make options for animations to be faster
  • mashing space into wall flings you in air
  • mouse rotation speed different on different computers
  • mushroom grow time for jumping not affected by speed
  • pause notifications from appearing when ingame in options menus
  • picking up a plant in period 4 makes the soil look healthy
  • player sliding with low friction but grabbing on walls with high friction
  • review level 6 falling blocks respawning capabilities
  • sign up for email appears in intro animation
  • stone block collider not properly disabling
  • stone breaking has dirt particle effect?
  • stop all blocks from showing flowers
  • stop holding space affect mushroom jump height
  • timeline messed up in levels that don't start in period 1
  • timeline showing on finish screen
  • title disappears when clicking options button from in a level escape menu
  • update credits and remove logo at start with stem vgc
  • update time period icons to be seed, sapling, tree, dead tree

plus much much more!


Retract - WindowsV6 33 MB
Jan 01, 2019
Retract - LinuxV6 50 MB
Jan 01, 2019
Retract - MacV6 36 MB
Jan 01, 2019

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